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PaymentWorks: UCI's New Vendor Onboarding Platform
We are pleased to announce that UCI will go live with a new vendor onboarding system called PaymentWorks on Nov. 2, 2020. The new web-based platform will replace the Kuali Vendor Onboarding (KVO) application and will eventually be used to verify the identities and banking information of all UCI vendors. Continue reading to learn more about PaymentWorks and its rollout to the UCI campus. Click here for more information about PaymentWorks

Thank you for utilizing the new UCI Kuali Vendor Onboarding System (KVO).

As a requestor, or Contract Manager (Buyer) you may now request a vendor to be added to our UCI Supplier Database by using the Electronic KVO process. Departmental staffs only need to obtain the Name, and e-mail address of the entity which you want to enter.

The KVO system will automatically send the electronic form(s) to the supplier. The supplier will fill out and complete the form(s) via a link contained in the supplier invite. Included in the e-forms is an invitation link for your suppliers to also be able to sign up for direct deposit. On the invitation there is a link to the forms that will need to be filled out and faxed or scanned to AP to set them up for direct payments.

Forms are electronically submitted back to the University for Review and Approval by UCI Administrative staff. Notification will be sent to the department stating that the supplier has completed their information and returned to the University.

Once the supplier has been approved you will receive a second e-mail notification with the assigned vendor number stating that your vendor is now ready for use.

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